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Our Mercer Wealth Strategies investment service and our Mercer Aspire Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) service are intended to give Irish investors access to Mercer’s best ideas from around the globe.

If you are looking for any of the following for your investment or ARF, then Mercer Wealth Strategies or Mercer Aspire may be for you:

  • Access to the world’s best fund managers
  • Constant risk management
  • A genuinely global investment strategy
  • Fast reaction to opportunities and threats
  • Ease of diversification with one provider

World’s best fund managers

Mercer’s investment consulting service specialises in finding the best fund managers for all the different investment asset classes, sectors and geographies globally. Now, using Mercer Wealth Strategies or Mercer Aspire, you as an Irish investor can get access to these fund managers. Moreover, after your initial investment, if we believe a better alternative to a fund manager that you used previously has become available, we will automatically implement the change without any cost to you.

Constant risk management

If you place half your money in equities, and half in bonds, over time the ratio of equities to bonds will alter as markets move. This can be undesirable, as the level of risk taken by your portfolio will also move. Under our Mercer Wealth Strategies and Mercer Aspire services, the level of risk that you initially select will be kept within the bounds originally instructed, and any changes to asset allocation will be implemented consistently with this.

Genuinely global investment strategy

Mercer Wealth Strategies and Mercer Aspire not only use the world’s best fund managers, but also uses global assets. Mercer takes the view that Irish investors should not place significant investments in Irish stocks or bonds, because they are already exposed to Ireland through their jobs, pensions and taxes. Consistently through proper diversification, Mercer Wealth Strategies and Mercer Aspire will hold an appropriate mix of equities, bonds, cash and property with no special bias towards Irish assets.

Fast reaction to opportunities and threats

The key to long run performance in Mercer Wealth Strategies will be diversification and risk control. However where we perceive opportunities or threats, we will react by sensibly altering your asset allocation. The investment options provided under Mercer Wealth Strategies have parameters in place to prevent over-exposure to any asset class – however they are not bound to follow any benchmark or industry consensus.

Ease of diversification with one provider

There can be good reasons for keeping all of your investments in the one place. For those using an investment bond, use of a single bond allows them to offset gains and losses automatically for tax purposes. For those using an Approved Retirement Fund, managing the tax applied to any income withdrawals is simpler where a single provider is used. We employ the services of Irish Life and Zurich Life respectively to provide administration for our Mercer Wealth Strategies and Mercer Aspire services.

Who might Mercer Wealth Strategies and Mercer Aspire suit?

Mercer Wealth Strategies or Mercer Aspire will suit you if you want the advantages detailed above and:

  • You are happy for your asset allocation to be altered by Mercer when markets move or when risks or opportunities become apparent
  • You are happy for Mercer to hire or replace fund managers on your behalf in line with what our global research suggests
  • You do not require a capital guarantee for your investment or Approved Retirement Fund
  • You are willing to take either a low-medium, medium, medium-high or high risk approach to your investment 

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You can download brochures for our Mercer Wealth Strategies Investment and Mercer Wealth Aspire ARF services.

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