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Retirement Planning for people retiring now

If your retirement is imminent and you have a pension, it is time to consider your options.

Facing retirement can be an uncertain and confusing time for many people. Fortunately Mercer can help. As the largest administrator of occupational pension schemes in Ireland we know exactly what you should consider at this stage in your retirement planning.

To get you started we have listed below some of the main considerations for people who are retiring now. At retirement, your options could include the following:

 Retirement Lump Sum

You should be entitled to a Retirement Lump Sum from your pension.

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Most people need to use at least part of their pension to provide a guaranteed income for life, or Annuity. If you are not in a defined benefit pension scheme, you will need to find the best value annuity on the market.

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 Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)

You may have the option of using part of your income to invest in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) which, unlike an annuity, can be passed on as an inheritance. If you have this option and wish to exercise it, you will need to find an ARF that is suitable for you.

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If you are retiring soon and require assistance with your pension retirement options, call Mercer today on 1890 375 375

  • The value of investments can go down as well as up
  • Investments or products mentioned on this site may or may not be suitable for you
  • Before investing or purchasing any product you should always seek independent financial advice. Mercer can provide independent financial advice if required.

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