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Retirement Planning for people approaching retirement

If you are within 5 years of your expected retirement age it may be time to start preparing. Although it can be tempting to forget about your pension until you are ready to retire, now is a great time for you to make arrangements so as to increase your pension fund and maximise your benefits at retirement. 

Mercer can help you take advantage of the opportunities available to someone in your positiion. As the largest administrator of occupational pension schemes in Ireland, we know exactly what you should consider. Below we have listed a number of options for people who are within 5 years of their retirement.

Your options

If you will be retiring in the next 5 years you should consider the following:

 Maximising your pension contributions

Increasing your contributions can help you to maximise your pension benefits and reduce your tax bill

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 Protecting your pension fund

You can take steps towards making your pension and investments safer

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If you are retiring soon and require assistance with your pension retirement options, call Mercer today on 1890 375 375

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